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Examples of Bad Roleplay Empty Examples of Bad Roleplay

on Fri 22 Jul 2016, 10:44 pm
There are several bad roleplay behaviours common to many RP sites. They are often employed by those new to forum roleplaying games. This is because these things are specific to roleplay, some to forum roleplay. It’s no wonder newcomers don’t know all the ropes yet. However, bad roleplay also may come from experienced players.

While bad roleplay may seem harmless, it is at best irritating to other players. At worst, it’s against your RP’s rules. Some forum roleplaying games ban these behaviours specifically. Other games rely on the “tacit assumption” that bad roleplay (metagaming, powerplay, godmodding) is never okay. Unless you’re certain, avoid these “techniques.”

If you wish to learn more, please visit I. , II. , III. and IV.


Godmoding refers to several types of bad roleplay as an umbrella term. All godmoding attempts to shift the roleplay in the godmoding player’s favour. In essence, godmoding is any attempt at giving a roleplaying character an advantage that does not normally exist in-game.

The word comes from video games, where godmode includes “features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts” (Godmoding). Forum roleplay players can’t use exploits or cheat codes to power-up their characters — but certain roleplay behaviours can achieve virtually similar results.

The advantages gained by godmoding in forum roleplay can be:

A) Against other players and their characters — e.g., the super-powered beast-hulk who smashes any challengers in a fight, no matter what.
B) Against the game world and its realism rules — e.g., the twelve-year-old magician who can suddenly defeat a previously unbeatable enemy.
C) Against the environment — e.g., the teenager in a high school town RP who never references or writes about being in class and instead works full-time, despite a truancy policy being enforced in-game.

Types of Godmoding

A) Godmodding is godmoding specific to character creation, skills, and certain situations (e.g., combat).
B) Powerplaying is godmoding by controlling another roleplayer’s character without permission.
C) Metagaming is godmoding specific to the use of OOC knowledge in roleplayed actions, behaviours, thoughts.
D) Retconning is godmoding specific to erasure or alteration of past events.
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