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A beginner's Guide To Roleplay Empty A beginner's Guide To Roleplay

on Fri 22 Jul 2016, 10:26 pm
Not all have the same experience regarding roleplay. This guide is directed to beginners and hopefully will answer any questions you may have in the future. Visit I. and II. if you wish to know more.

What is roleplay?

Roleplay is assuming the role of a character and writing, acting, or playing as that character would. There are many forms of roleplaying: gaming console, live-action roleplay, tabletop roleplay, text-based roleplay, forum roleplay, and on and on.

What is forum roleplaying?

Forum roleplaying happens when a group of people using a forum to create a story. The story can be loosely related, as in a large forum roleplaying game where many characters inhabit a huge world. The story can also be closely related, as in a small boarding school roleplaying game where all characters know each other.

The actual roleplaying happens through text. Roleplayers write responses to one another through posts. Each post describes the character’s actions, speech, and thoughts. Forum roleplay is often called play-by-post roleplay.

How Does Forum Roleplay Work?

When you roleplay, you assume the role of a character. A character is a made-up entity created for roleplaying. You create a character (a person, animal, demon, alien, or whatever is appropriate) and write from their perspective/role. Your character isn’t you, and you aren’t your character — you’re separate entities.

OOC Does Not Equal IC

One of the most important things to remember in forum roleplaying: your character can be different from you. Many people say your character should be different, and that it’s the best way to roleplay. New roleplayers find it easy to create “themselves” as characters. This can very easily lead to destructive roleplay behavior, though! For example, a player with a self-character may take offence at another character disliking the self-character.

IC does not equal OOC. Keeping that in mind is very important for an enjoyable roleplaying experience. Just because a character dislikes your character does not mean that player dislikes you. A fight between players does not mean characters have to start disliking one another (though it may be easiest to avoid drama by avoiding the roleplayer).

Roleplay Thread Types

There are usually different types of forum roleplaying threads:
A) All Welcome or Open threads are free for any roleplayer to join.
B) Private or Closed threads are intended for specific roleplayers who were invited to that thread. Don’t join private or closed threads you weren’t invited to. Your post may be deleted or removed.
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